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Deerskin Coats
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Deerskin Coats

Deerskin Coat-Man's cut (DSCM1) 

Inspired by a popular sci-fi tv show that was cancelled way too soon, this beautiful brown deerskin coat is such a pleasure to wear, whether you're a fan or not! The deerskin is super soft and flows so beautifully as you move. The two deep side slits mean your side arm, if you're wearing one, is always within easy reach. And if you plan on wearing it while riding a horse, you'll want the version with the center back slit as well. These coats are expertly made, one at a time, to your specifications and measurements, from the highest quality deerskin we can find.

The coat in the photo is a gorgeous medium brown color, but it can be made in other colors as well (I've seen white, tan, mahogany, and black deerskin). It can also be made from a deer-tanned cow hide, which comes in more colors and is somewhat less expensive but not quite as luxurious.

The price stated is approximate, and will be adjusted based on the actual cost of the leather and options you choose.

If I have the leather you want in stock, it will take about 3 or 4 days to make this coat and delivery will be sooner than if I have to order the leather from a supplier (and depending on what other orders might be in my job queue).

$900.00 plus $18.95 S/H
(to addresses in USA and APOs -- contact us if shipping to other countries)

Note: New Mexico residents will be charged 7.5% NM gross receipts tax

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Customer Feedback about this product:
*Mary and crew don't just deliver "a" brown coat, they deliver "the" Brown Coat. I cannot stress how accurate it truly is, you have gained a return customer. Thanks again!
*Deerskin coat is exceptionally well-made. Material is top grade and attention to detail shows the care put into its production. You feel awesome each time you put it on. ABQ Leather is the best place this side of the 'Verse.
*GENIUS! Pure genius! Received my deerskin coat today - after all the back and forth I put Mary thru, I cannot possibly be more pleased with my coat. I now know I have THE most authentic "brown coat" out there - look forward to showing it off!
*As a stickler for accuracy and quality in costuming, I can say with experience that Mary and her team at ABQ Leather are FIRST RATE. Beautiful coat - simply amazing! So much that I own TWO of them!
*Ordered the Holster rig, and it is very shiny indeed. So much so, I am ordering the deerskin coat to go along with it! Staff is helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure dealing with them, and I am sure it will be when I do so again!
*My new Brown coat is a beauty!! It's a perfect fit, and the gunbelt is dead on the money, too. Your craftsmanship on this entire rig is some kind of incredible. I will wear it with pride at many a fan event to come.
*Simply incredible work and service! As a serious costumer I can be nitpicky but ABQ Leather blew away my expectations. I am going to order another Brown (leather) coat from them very soon! I have recommended them to many friends!
*Hey, my deerskin coat is AWESOME! Fits perfect. Thanks for working with me on that. I'll be the shinyest captain at the "Big Dang LARP" in SC next week! Oh, and the holster is beautiful! Love it too!
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