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Where you can purchase award-winning, custom-made, high-quality, expertly fitted, reasonably priced leather goods made just the way you want! We have earned a great reputation for extremely high customer satisfaction! Look around to see why...

Contact us if you'd like us to make something special for you! E-mail: or call 505-899-8573

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Custom Red Corset (CST01) 

This is an example of a custom-made corset. You could have a similar one made for you in almost any size and color. Let us know if you'd like us to make one for you. We'll need some fairly accurate measurements to begin...

$350.00 plus $19.95 S/H
(to addresses in USA and APOs -- contact us if shipping to other countries)

Note: New Mexico residents will be charged 7.5% NM gross receipts tax

Contact Mary Girven to order a custom-made item like this

Customer Feedback about this product:
*My leather corset arrived today just in time for my SteamPunk birthday party. It is simply awesome. Very well made and it fits perfectly! See the photo here. I'll shop here again!
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