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Where you can purchase award-winning, custom-made, high-quality, expertly fitted, reasonably priced leather goods made just the way you want! We have earned a great reputation for extremely high customer satisfaction! Look around to see why...

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Bat Shaped Leather Cowl (BLC01) 

This early 1950s Leather Caped Crusader Cowl was inspired by a rendering of the early 1950s Caped Crusader, a drawing by Denis Medri. Mary would be happy to make one for you.

$425.00 plus $19.95 S/H
(to addresses in USA and APOs -- contact us if shipping to other countries)

Note: New Mexico residents will be charged 7.5% NM gross receipts tax

Customer Feedback about this product:
*Wonderful to work with, I will love it forever. Exactly what I asked for!!! Thank you so much :)
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