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Leather Artisans

Below are the Leather Artisans displaying their leather crafts on this site:

Mary Girven 505-899-8573
Mary started sewing at age 5 when her maternal grandmother, who came from a long line of expert seamstresses and tailors, began teaching her the basics. Her grandmother's passion for beautiful fabrics and designs was contagious and that, combined with some natural talent inherited from both sides of the family and her mother's enthusiastic encouragement, led to a lot of time spent sewing as a child and young woman. You never know where life is going to take you, and she certainly didn't envision way back then what she's doing now, but it sort of makes sense...

Paul Brinegar 505-254-0337
Like most boys who grew up in the 1950's, Paul first encountered leather craft in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Every Cub, Brownie, Girl Scout or Boy Scout gets to experience making something out of leather. Most put it away and never look back. Paul, on the other hand was in his Naval Career and was tired of having to replace his plastic checkbook cover every 6 months. Remembering his Boy Scout leather craft, Paul went to the local Tandy store and purchased a leather checkbook cover kit and the tools to carve and stamp the pattern enclosed with the kit. That was 1979 and that checkbook cover is still around; amateurish at best, but that was the start of a career making wallets, checkbook covers, purses, notebooks and many other items both useful and artistic.

Frank J. Vigil 505-553-9596
Frank first learned about leather craft in the 8th grade, while attending Risley Junior High in Pueblo, Colorado. As a young teenager, he was intrigued with the fine art, and especially the smell of leather. The interest continued briefly through early high school and then set it aside for many years. Frank attended college in Pueblo, where he earned his bachelor's degree in Metallurgical Engineering Technology, which helped him land his job at Sandia National Laboratories in 1980. Many years later, while on a camping and fishing trip with friends, he met Brian Greene, a friend of another close friend who invited him to come to a New Mexico Roadrunner Leather Artisan Guild meeting. He had been looking to get into a low stress hobby, and the rest is history. Frank has since made numerous wallets, purses, belts. Recently, in 2013, he was awarded a 1st place, Best of Show for an archery quiver, patterned after a 1950's design. The interest continues, especially designing archery related items such as archery wrist guards and lanyards.

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