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Where you can purchase award-winning, custom-made, high-quality, expertly fitted, reasonably priced leather goods made just the way you want! We have earned a great reputation for extremely high customer satisfaction! Look around to see why...

Contact us if you'd like us to make something special for you! E-mail: or call 505-899-8573

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About ABQ Leather

ABQ Leather ( is an off-shoot of Girven Consulting, LLC (, which is Mary Girven's post-retirement business located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Mary's earliest leather crafting efforts were almost all Browncoat-related, and her business initially was named Browncoat Fashions. But when she broadened her scope to include many other types of leather products, it made sense to create a new ABQ Leather website, and include many of her most popular Browncoat Fashions products here (see the Browncoat Cosplay page).

The initial purpose of this website was to highlight Mary's ever-growing collection of leather-working projects and products; however, recently (2014) she invited her friends in the New Mexico Leather Artisans Guild (NMLAG) to display their wares here as well.

Each Leather Artisan brings his or her own expertise and craftsmanship to each project, and collectively we're able to offer a wide variety of leatherworking skills to our customers. Sometimes we collaborate on projects together, which is especially fun with really awesome results!

If you have an idea for a leather-working project, you can be confident that the Leather Artisans at ABQ Leather can get the job done for you and you'll be thrilled with the results! Take a look at our Feedback Page! The fact that we have so many repeat customers says it all!

Please note that most of our products are custom made one at a time specifically for our customers after they place their order. We do not mass produce anything, but occasionally we may have some products ready made for immediate delivery. For those you will see a "Buy Now" button, otherwise, you may see an "Add to Cart" button, or more likely a link "Contact to order a custom-made item like this" that takes you to an e-mail screen. Both of these last two mean your order will be added to the leather artisan's queue and made in the order in which it was paid. We will try very hard to finish your order as soon as possible, but it may take some time depending on how complex the items in your order are, and how many orders are ahead of yours in our queue. If you contact us before placing your order we can give you a pretty good estimation of when we will have it completed, but it's not going to be totally precise. Please feel free to contact the leather artisan working on your order from time to time to see where it is in our queue, and how he/she is progressing. We strongly encourage communication with our customers!
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