Check out my Boot Top Purses as featured in the ALBUQUERQUE UNWRAPPED article in the December/January issue of Albuquerque the Magazine (pg. 80) and on 2 KASA This Morning on February 17, 2014.
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Where you can purchase custom-made, high-quality, expertly fitted, reasonably priced leather goods made just the way you want! We have earned a great reputation for extremely high customer satisfaction! Look around to see why...

Contact me if you'd like me to make something special for you! E-mail: or call 505-899-8573

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Below are some of the custom leather products I've made for my customers. I have three leather sewing machines to work on various weights from light garment weight up to 3/4 inch thick. Besides the right tools, I have loads of experience, a keen sense of fit, and passion for working with leather, whether it's a leather necklace, bracer, corset, deerskin duster, chaps, jacket, holster, tophat, or purse. I'd love to make you something you'll treasure for years!

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